Sunday, July 31, 2005

Why should I listen to you?
Current mood: determined

Someone posted about how bands are not getting more time on stage. They said they didn't like being limited to only 45 minutes on stage. I had to reply and decided to blog my reply here,...

As a person with ADD let me say that I don't want to listen to the same band longer than 30-40 minutes unless they are really good. In the Midwest most bands sound the same and are under the belief that I want to hear the bland sound-the-same music for hours at a time. WRONG!

Now I get out to LA from time to time and get to check out the Whiskey A Go-go and the Troubador (SP). Each band gets 35 minutes 6 bands a night and I love it! There the music is fresh and different and I get enough to let me know if I want the bands CD.

Now as a musician when I go to first come open mics, the same guys sign up for more time. Then they play the same gutless crap they played the week before. I like blues, I like James Taylor. I don't want to hear badly played super slow blues for 30 minutes. I don't want to hear James Taylor played b an old guy who could afford a custom Martin. I want to hear the new kid on his $100 cheapo who is poring out his/her heart.

All I'm saying is as a musician who wants more time on stage make sure your there to entertain the public and not listen to yourself play the same old boring music for hours at a time. Bring your A game! I sure as hell bring mine. And remember one of the reasons why you got into music, because you liked that musician who was entertaining you and not the one who was up there only to entertain themselves. <<

As an artist my goal is not just to express myself, but to entertain the listener as well.

I want to see your head move up and down to the beat of the music.

I want you to hear the words and think, "Yeah, I know exactly what your saying."

I want you to laugh, cry, feel happy, feel sad, FEEL SOMETHING!

I want you to come up to me and say you loved the whole song, one verse or, one line.

I want you to hear one song that you'll remember because it moved you, so that when you see me next time you'll request that song again.

I want you to feel that I gave you one of the best moments of your life.

And if I don't deliver on even one of those why did I just waste your precious time?


Monday, May 23, 2005

Starting a new project and thinking of getting a band together.

So my search continues for musicians to put a band together, but I won't wait for them. I'm still writing, recording, and yes even hearing people say how much they enjoy my music. That is the best! I'm going to continue to build my website, work on my CDs, get demos out to people, and do as many open mics and shows that I can. Moving forward,...

Oh, and thanks to all the guys and gals who come up to me and say how much they enjoy my music. Thanks to all of you who buy my CDs for $3. And Special Thanks to the little girls who want my autograph. You all have given me a wonderful gift. I will do my best to return it.



Bits and parts of songs are piling up with no resolution. Some music, all the music, some words, a line, a phrase. Completion is what I need. No,...I need to be quiet and listen to the words. I've been too busy focusing on sad things in my life and not taking the time to listen. This week it changes. This week I listen.

A song about a burning flower

A song about never knowing what is next in life

A song about how I will wait forever for you

A song about me and you

If any of my MySpace friends want to offer a bit of inspiration please do. Till then I listen.



Monday, May 02, 2005

This crazy music thing,...

Well it's been an interesting few month for music. I've decided to go to every open mic I can to start to get the word out. So far it's been a lot of fun! A few groupies, a few "I know what you mean man, your lyrics spoke to me", and a few oohs and ahhs. Overall It's a better response than I thought I would get. Can someone tell me why I get a lot of 9 year old girls wanting my autograph and to buy a CD? Hey It's all good I was just surprised.

So far I've done a few coffee houses, some bars, an art show, and even a show at a public library. I'm getting good responses for "Barbwire and Nails", "Shining STARR", and "My Angel". One of my songs "I Love" (a song about love and the mis-use of witchcraft) almost caused a stampeed. Several people wanted to know the name of the movie it was based on. That's cool. I've played "Passion's Thread" a few times (a song about exotic dancers and their customers), but no one seems to get it. Oh well. There's really nothing to get, it just an observation and a light one at that.

Well the show goes on and I can't wait to see what happens when I get off the next stage.


Tuesday, July 06, 2004

A friend for the creative soul,...

What can I say, my friend Elsa is too, too cool.

She lives in the city of Chicago. Me, I'm a suburban/rural kid. (born in the city, so I've been there, done that) All I have to do is call her and say, "Let's hook up." I don't have to suggest what to do, or where to go. Elsa always knows exactly what I need.

She understands that I need new and different life and creative experiences to fuel the fires. She would invite me to art exhibits, brazillian dance performances, charity events, resturants, parties, I even got to help stuff envelopes for Latino Mental Health Week seminars. Good stuff!

When she asked me if I would send her letter of recommendation to Columbia College in Chicago that was a no brainer. How could I not support someone who has been so supportive of me. I was there for her first performance for school, I was there for her last before she graduated this year with her performance arts degree. Taking pictures and video taping like a mad man.

So why am I posting this here? Because I want you to know that if you are one of my friends here I consider you a creative soul just like Elsa. Through your blogs and emails you have shared with me things that have given me what the human soul needs to grow. What the creative soul needs to view the world in all it's many facets. (Wow, never thought I'd ever used that word.)

Some of you were my friends before I got here. Some are new and have steped up big time to share good things. THANKS!! Some are just starting to understand how my wacky brain works. Thanks to you too!! Others I haven't gotten to yet,...I'm so sorry. I'm so busy writing, working and living. Give me a bit more time and I'll get there and we'll have a great time sharing.

Most of all remember that you are all awesome and have what it takes. You are all friends for the creative soul.



Wednesday, June 23, 2004

No such thing as writers block,...

I don't "understand" writers block. I think that's the word I want. To me it's either there or it's not. You can't create like building a piece of furniture. Just put the pieces together and it's done. I work purely from inspiration and if I'm not inspired I don't do it. The craft of writing, the creation, comes from bring the idea forth from heart to mind to hand or mouth. If there's no idea it's just not there and thus there's nothing to bring forth.

So I've had the music for the first song inspired by someone from Myspace,...but not the words. I did hear somthing, as if whispered, but could not truly hear with defintion and clarity.

Today, as inspiration has been flowing through me in a torrent I hear the words. Or I should say a good portion of them. They just kept coming and coming till finally there was no more,...for now.

Now it's cigarette time. No I don't smoke, but I know the need to relax after inspiration hits. After it has it's way with me.

Time to cuddle with my music.

"Music, sweet music. I wish I could caress, caress, caress" Jimi Hendrix - Manic Depression