How would you like some CDs of various music projects I've worked on? Well let me tell you what they are and how you can get a copy of them.

Demo CDs:

Deep Down Inside "Unplugged" Demo (Avaliable at Open Mic shows for $3. Click here for upcoming shows.)

  1. When I'm Alone
  2. Barbwire And Nails
  3. Shinning STARR
  4. When I'm Alone (original full band version)

Deep Down Inside Demo (Coming Soon)

Copper Thread Demo (Coming Soon)

Passion Flower "Unplugged" Demo (Coming Soon)

Passion Flower Demo (Coming Soon)


Full Recordings:

Niagara (Coming Soon)

Niagara: Songs From The Paradisas (Coming Soon)

Rob Shelby: Deep Down Inside (Coming Soon)

Copper Thread: Resume' (Coming Soon)

Rob Shelby: Passion Flower (Coming Soon)